Personalized Crossword Puzzles

Fun, Unique & Memorable

Give someone special a personalized keepsake that they will treasure forever!

Creating a unique crossword puzzle for someone?  You’ve come to the right place!

Personalized Crossword Puzzles offers decades of experience making crossword puzzles.  You can create the puzzle yourself if you have your own software, or we can build the puzzle for you.  Either way, we’re here to help!

Celebrate the individuality of a special person or the uniqueness of a couple or group with a crossword puzzle created just for them.  This will be the perfect gift, especially for someone who is ‘difficult to buy for’ – and is sure to be something they don’t already have!

How to create a crossword puzzle in 3 easy steps:

Make a List of Your Words and Clues

Whether you want to have Personalized Crossword Puzzles create your puzzle for you, or you plan to do it yourself, you need to have a list of words and clues as the foundation for the puzzle.

If you know the person or group well, it may be relatively easy to pull the list together. One way to come up with ideas is to ask others who can add to the list. If this is the case, you can add to the fun of building the word-and-clue list by gathering with a group over coffee or a pizza party, for example, to produce a complete list of interesting words and clues.

To get you started, we’ve provided a list of categories for you to keep in mind that will help you think of ideas for your words and clues.

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Choose the Best Puzzle Format

The final appearance of your puzzle is dependent on a number of factors including the ideal height and width of your puzzle, and whether you want the puzzle printed on the same page as the “Across” and “Down” clues or on separate pages.

You need to consider how the length of the words in the puzzle can affect the size of the puzzle.

If the puzzle is large and you print the puzzle and the clues on one page, the type size can be very small. You might consider including a small, fun magnifier card to aid in reading.

Other considerations include whether to show all the squares with a box around them or to use a “skeleton” puzzle format.

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Complete Your Puzzle

The presentation of the puzzle is the “payoff” for all your thoughtfulness and effort. Here are some ideas to make the presentation as fun and positive as possible:

  • The color and quality of the paper for printing the puzzle.
  • Options for enclosing the answer sheet – like in a separate envelope so the puzzle-doers don’t open it until they have completed the puzzle on their own (or finally give up!).
  • Enclosing a framed copy of the puzzle for a keepsake and/or printing the puzzle on T-shirts, sweatshirts, a mouse pad or even turning it into a screensaver.

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