Business Puzzle Themes

Create a business crossword puzzle for:

ANNIVERSARIES: Commemorate significant milestones of the company or special events in the lives or careers of individuals, teams, project groups or departments.

BIRTHDAYS: Let someone know how special they are with a collection of thoughtful and fun details that make them unique – especially on “significant” birthdays.

ICE BREAKERS:  From 2 to 2,000, crossword puzzles can be used to find common ground among groups of any size.  A unique crossword puzzle is an excellent and fun way or communicating ground rules, revealing or reinforcing important information and familiarizing people with important and fun details.

EDUCATIONAL TOOLS:  What better way to reinforce key points in a learning environment than to create a memorable and fun way of deriving answers and recalling important facts.  Several puzzles can be used in combination to add more depth to an exercise and increase the fun, which adds to the learning experience.

NEWSLETTERS:  Add a fun exercise to your company newsletter that will add value, increase your audience, create anticipation, hold their attention and keep them reading.

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH:  Give that extra recognition to the special employee or associate.

TEAMBUILDING OR COMPETITIONS: Create excitement around employee engagement and group efforts toward a common goal.

SIGNIFICANT FACTS:  Recognize your customers, products and/or services, workplace themes, company initiatives, seasonal references – and even poke fun at the competition!

A word of caution:

Most puzzles are made with the intention to have fun – and sometimes even “poke fun” at the honoree; however, it may be easy to offend either the honoree or someone else doing the puzzle, so please be considerate when choosing the words and clues for the puzzle.  This is especially true when the puzzle might be used by companies and corporations.

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