Puzzle Clues

The final appearance of your puzzle – the format – is dependent on a number of factors including the ideal height and width of your puzzle, and whether you want the puzzle printed on the same page as the “Across” and “Down” clues or on separate pages.

Here are some factors you need to consider for the best overall appearance:

Puzzle size: Obviously, a crossword puzzle can be as small as two words as long as there is at least one common letter between them to “cross”. A puzzle usually looks more complete with more words rather than fewer words. A good minimum number to try for is at least twenty words, but it really all depends on how many words and clues you want to use in your puzzle.

All puzzle software programs have a limit on the number of words that can be in the puzzle. The maximum size of a puzzle offered by Personalized Crossword Puzzles is 49 x 49 squares and so far, we have not encountered a puzzle that is too big to create.

Puzzle format: The final appearance of your puzzle is dependent on a number of factors:

  • The overall height and width of your puzzle must be selected that is appropriate for the size of your puzzle. Most, but not all, crossword software programs offer a feature to select a size for the number of words in your puzzle and length of the words. Refer to the examples Click Here . Personalized Crossword Puzzles ensures that the optimum grid size is selected for your puzzle for the best overall appearance.

    If you have Personalized Crossword Puzzles create your puzzle for you, we guarantee that all of your words and clues will be included in your puzzle.

  • Many, but not all crossword software programs offer you the option of creating a “skeleton” puzzle with squares appearing only where there are letters (see example Click Here ). More commonly, the puzzle is printed showing all the squares with a box around it. Personalized Crossword Puzzles gives you all these options along with your choice of colors that can be used to print the puzzle.
  • Most often, the puzzle is printed on one page along with the “across” and “down” clues printed next to the puzzle. Depending on the number of words and clues, the size of the puzzle may or may not fit on one page when printed, or they all might fit, but the printing may then be very small and hard to read. Even if all these elements would fit on one page, some prefer to have the puzzle on one page and the “across” and “down” clues printed on a separate page. It’s usually just a matter of personal preference, but it is something that needs to be addressed when preparing the puzzle for printing. Here are some examples Click Here

Personalized Crossword Puzzles offers a wide range of options on various formats to use. We even offer a variety of inexpensive magnifiers that you can include with each puzzle to aid in reading the print if it is too small for some to read! Check out these options Click Here .