Puzzle Order Options

The presentation of the puzzle is the “payoff” for all your thoughtfulness and effort. Here are some ideas to make the presentation as fun and positive as possible:

Printing options:

  • Obviously, depending on the event, you may want to print your puzzle on white paper or choose from a variety of colors. You should also consider various types and quality levels of paper.
  • In addition, there are a variety of ways you can present the puzzle to the puzzle-doers. One popular option is to include a printed copy of the answer sheet in a separate envelope so they don’t open it until they have completed the puzzle on their own (or finally give up!). Click Here for examples.
  • Some other ideas include framing the puzzle and/or printing the puzzle on T-shirts, sweatshirts, a mouse pad or even turning it into a screensaver.
  • You may want to create a “cover letter” to accompany the puzzle and answer sheet especially if the puzzle will be distributed to a group. This way you can introduce the puzzle as part of the celebration and offer some instruction – like not referring to the answer sheet until the puzzle is finished.
  • You can also email the puzzle so that it can be worked on remotely for those who aren’t physically present.

Personalized Crossword Puzzles offers the option to print, collate, fold and stuff your final puzzle any way you wish. We can also print and frame your puzzle for you and mail it to wherever you wish.  Contact us for ideas and pricing. In addition to these considerations, you should know that Personalized Crossword Puzzles offers some additional puzzle options that you may want to take advantage of that many other software programs don’t offer, such as:

  • To add a little “depth” to your puzzle, you can build-in some “reflective” clues that can be solved in conjunction with other clues. This can make solving the puzzle a bit more fun and Personalized Crossword Puzzles can handle this for you.
    • For example:
      • 12 Across Maria: The first name of Mrs. Garcia who lived in the upstairs apartment on Surf Street.
      • 27 Down Garcia: The surname 12 Across.
  • You can add an additional fun feature to your puzzle so that once the puzzle-doers have finished the puzzle, they will need to complete a “bonus question”. Once the puzzle is solved (correctly), the puzzle-doers are asked to select certain letters of specified across-and-down clues that will spell out a word that is relevant to the subject of the puzzle. Ask Personalized Crossword Puzzles for more details on this fun feature.
  • We have the ability to use different type styles, font styles and colors, and can even change it up in any one puzzle. Click Here for examples of what this would look like.

Ready to create your puzzle? Click Here to purchase and upload your words and clues